Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister tore ’60 Minutes Australia’ to PIECES!

60 Minutes Australia interviewed Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotoveli. It is clear that the interviewer has a bias against Israel. All his questions are geared toward what the Israelis are doing wrong and how the Israelis are oppressing the “Palestinians.”

Tzipi Hotoveli has responses for all the interviewers accusing questions.

The interviewer clearly doesn’t care about the facts. He doesn’t care WHY some “Palestinians” don’t have equal opportunities. Instead of blaming their leadership, he wants to blame Israeli leadership. The Palestinians constantly refuse to have independency and to create a democratic state – but the interviewer doesn’t care about that.

This video ends off with Hotoveli saying, “So maybe you should have this interview with a “Palestinian” leader and ask him ‘Why did you refuse time after time to have independency? What are you afraid of?'”

Published: July 3, 2017
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