Israeli wedding band’s amazing mashup of Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé and Lecha Dodi!

Lecha Dodi is a Jewish prayer sung on Friday just as Shabbat is about to start.

Shabbat (The Sabbath) begins at sunset every Friday night ans is enjoyed by observant Jews all over the world.

The idea of love between bride and groom being a metaphor for God’s love that He bestows upon all of mankind, and especially His Chosen People, is a very powerful message.

The commitments that the Lord has to His people and the world as a whole is eternal.

The Bible teaches that man and woman were created on Friday and soon after they were created, God “rested” on the Sabbath.

Godly rest does not mean that God sat down on a couch, but that He stopped creating.

That is exactly what the Jewish people do each and every Sabbath.

They stop creating and recoil into a day of pondering the most essential aspects of life.

A day that is family day – every week. A special day that is signified with special dress, food, prayer, and of course, rest.

Enjoying the sanctity of a day that is completely dedicated to Holiness and rest from the overdrive momentum of the busy weekdays is something that God wired into the world.

This keeps the Chosen People to properly observe and stay focused on what truly matters in this world.

The prayer was composed roughly 500 years ago by Rabbi Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz.

Rabbi Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz studied Bible under Rabbi Yosef Taitatzak and in 1529 married the daughter of Yitzhak Cohen.

They settled in Adrianople where he studied Torah more and published books about Torah.

He moved to the Land of Israel in 11535 and lived in Tzfat.

Lecha Dodi literally means “come me beloved”, and is an invitation to meet the Shabbat queen. The metaphor is that God is the groom and He is coming to meet the Jewish people – “His bride.”

The prayer is well-known, and there are many tunes to it. It has nine verses.

Enjoy this masterpiece.

Published: January 22, 2018
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