Journalist Melanie Phillips: Democrats Committing Political Suicide

Melanie Phillips is reacting to the Democratic attacks on President Trump and his State of the Union address. Phillips compares it to the boomerang effect that the anti-Brexiteers in Britian are also creating in Britain.

Here is the transcript transcribed by Chana Perl.

I think it has precisely that boomerang effect and I noticed this in Britain, different context but very
similar things going on as we discussed before, behind the Brexit vote and the Trump election. In the
run up to the Brexit vote, in the run up to the European Union referendum, in Britain, the government, the Bank of England, and the International Monetary Fund, and everybody who was in the tank for
Britain to remain in the EU, went absolutely all out to terrify people with prognosis’ and
prognostications of immediate economic apocalypse if Britain decided to leave the European Union.

The result is that the opposite has happened and the British economy is doing quite well. So those projections turned out to be false in so far as we are where we are now.

But even before that became clear, even during the referendum campaign itself,
people were being turned off by this. They understood that it was an attempt to frighten them, they
understood that it was an attempt to manipulate them. They understood that the projections were
highly dubious and were making use of highly dubious premises and information. That helped turn
people against the government’s side, it helped turn people for Brexit, because they believed they were
being lied to.

Similar things happened with Trump. The reaction of the Democrats is exceptionally
stupid, exceptionally stupid, because they are playing into Trump’s own strategy. They are walking
straight in to his trap. What they really don’t get and don’t understand is that
the people voted for Trump, not because they love Trump himself, but because they loved what he stood
for. And what he stood for, for example, is stopping illegal immigration.

Now for the Democrats, anyone who wants to stop illegal immigration, is by definition a bigot, a bigot, and a moron. And as a result, and this is not the only example, the Democrats and the left hold the people in contempt.
Because they believe the people are stupid and uneducated and bigoted. That’s what people
hear when Democrats attack Trump on the grounds that he is a White Supremacist, on the grounds that
he’s trying to subvert the Constitution, that he’s trying to over turn the rule of law, that he’is putting the
nation at risk.

They hear themselves being accused (by the Democrats) of that. So every time the Democrats shout and
scream, and this business about the State of the Union, the reaction to the State of the Union, all the
people listening to the State of the Union, they thought “yeah great, we think that’s great, this is great,
this is great.” They ticked it off. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. So the masses supported this stuff.

So it is the people who are being attacked when the Democrats are saying the State of the Union was, you know, the worst possible thing.

The Democrats are not just attacking Trump, they are attacking the American people. And that is politically suicidal.

So if I were Trump, I would continue carrying on baiting the trap, and waiting for the Democrats to walk straight in.

Published: February 14, 2018
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