Meet The Peaceful Imam Calling out the Extremism in Islam. What He Shares is Unbelievable

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

Imam Tawhidi is an Iranian-born Iraqi scholar of Islam. He is one of a select few Muslims today who are publicly calling out for the Islamic world to reform with the times, as this meme of his so succinctly states.

In a recent interview about the popular protests in Iran, with the Toronto Sun, Tawhidi is quoted as follows:

“These Iranian protests are an essential turning point in the history of Islam and Muslims since the era of Prophet Mohammad,” he said. “This is the first national movement led by an Islamic majority, without the interference of Islamic clerics or authorities. In fact, it is a movement against Islamic clerics, Mullahs and religious authorities who have been falsely claiming to be the representatives of God and religion. This is the peak of human consciousness. There shall be a new generation that disbelieves in the supposed divine authority of humans, and which shall value the gift of freedom.”

Tawhidi is an active user of facebook and twitter in trying to get his message out to the masses as well.

Just recently he posted the following video about what Australia Muslim youth are being taught by an Australian Imam. You should be shocked out of your minds when you hear it. I don’t know what G-d this Imam things he prays to, but it definitely is NOT the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

From Imam Tawhidi’s facebook post:
“This is what Australian Imams – who the Grand Mufti doesn’t label as “Unrecognised” – are preaching to Muslim youth behind closed doors in Australia. From this we understand that: If you rape, murder, and commit all evil, it will be ignored by Allah as long as you pray, because those who don’t pray are worse than rapists and murderers “in the eyes of Allah”. Look at the wall-clock and the time this ideology is being preached, it’s in the evening so that Muslim youth go home to sleep and wake up with this extremist content on their minds. It’s like everything they learn in school gets wiped out from their minds by the end of the day. But it’s the peace-loving Imam Tawhidi who should be assaulted and silenced.” – Imam Tawhidi

And here is a sampling of some recent Twitter posts:

Another important point to mention about Imam Tawhidi, is that he stands with the Jewish people and Israel. If you follow him on facebook or twitter, you will see posts related to remember the Jews who were murdered in the holocaust and posts of solidarity with the Israeli people, in reaction to the recent brutal terrorist attack of palestinian Arab terrorists that murdered an Israeli Jew who lives in the hills of Samaria. I don’t know many other Muslim leaders who will publicly show solidarity and support with the Jewish people and Israel like Imam Tawhidi.

In this video Imam Tawhidi shares his personal story of how he stopped hating Jews

Of course, he has had tweets deleted by Twitter, and a campaign to have him banned from Twitter.

And once again we see how the political correctness of social media is defending the wrong ones! Instead of defending the people calling for an end to evil in the name of Islam, social media allows the hate accounts to continue, yet punishes the accounts of those who speak the truth to allow for good to prevail over the evil.

As you can clearly see, Imam Tawhidi is someone we should be following, listening to, and spreading his messages. The future of humanity demands that Islam reform itself, otherwise, we will continue to have to deal with Jihadi Islam hell bent on either killing all the infidels or dominating over us, in a Sharia led governing system.

It’s time our so-called “liberal” brothers and sisters wake up and realize that they should be supporting Imam Tawhidi, and NOT screaming ‘Islamaphobia’, a catch term created to actually protect the evils taking place in the name of Islam today, against all of us, Muslims included.

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Published: January 25, 2018
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