MICHAEL ROGATCHI.ZION WALTZ. Original Art Series 1995-2016 (C).

Musical video-essay by Inna Rogatchi features Michael Rogatchi’s ZION WALTZ original art series. In the series, renowned European master of the metaphorical expressionism relays his loving attitude and his artistic thoughts to the Jewish theme which is essential to his art. The series has been invited by the Ministry of Culture of Israel for the special exhibition in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem.

The title work of the series, Zion Waltz, is dedicated by the artist to his and his wife’s dear friend and mentor Leonard Cohen. Cohen loved and owned the Michael’s work on the same theme, Zion Waltz, made by the artist in different technique. Upon receiving that work from Michael back in September 2013 for his 79th birthday, Leonard wrote to Michael: “Well, my friend, I am in the age when I am busy with giving things away; but not this one, your so fine, exquisite work which I love”.

Published: February 16, 2017
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