Naftali Bennett kisses the two-state solution goodbye forever on live-TV!

The Obama foreign policy is a travesty – wrong, immoral and completely divorced from reality. Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett explains that the whole idea of a two-state solution is completely wrong. Gaza already has the first Arab State – and all Israel has received are missiles across the State of Israel. While Israel is a beacon of democracy in the entire Middle East, Kerry thinks that Israel is the problem. Kerry will go down in history as the least successful, most out-of-touch Secretary of State in modern times.

Minister Bennett disputes the entire notion that Israel is an occupier – and makes it clear that the international community – specifically CNN – that is trying to call Israel an occupier is flatly wrong.

While Syria commits massive genocide and Iran is developing nuclear weapons, Secretary Kerry is focused on neighborhoods in the heartland of Israel that Jews are rightfully living in – in the heart of the Land of Israel.

Published: January 1, 2017
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