Neo-Hasidic superstars ‘Zusha’ revolutionize Israel’s national anthem

The Israeli National Anthem predates the State of Israel.

It was written by Naftali Hertz Imber, a Jewish poet from the area of Ukraine which at the time was called Galicia.

The words are quite romantic and harbor dreams of longing for the thousands of years of the Jewish people’s longing to return back to the Land of Israel.

It was such a hit that already back in 1897, during the 1st Zionist Congress at which Theodore Herzl was the leaders of the Zionist movement, it was chosen as the anthem.

This song has been sung by Zionistic youth groups in Europe, America, Africa, South America, and Australia – all of whom were expressing their longings to the Land of Israel.

What is seemingly the main problem with this anthem is the lack of God’s name in the anthem.

Perhaps what these talented musicians have done in this rendition of the anthem is bring the soul back to the song.

Bring god back into the song where it so clearly belongs.

After all, what is the soul of a Jew, if not his Godliness, his essential essence – which is a product of God’s creation.

As long as in our hearts,
The Jewish soul,
And towards the corners of the East,
Gazing towards Tzion,
Looking forward to the future

Not yet has the hope been lost

Zusha music is never run of the mill.

They once even produced a song called Darth Vader’s Niggun in honor Star Wars.

They described it as: ” elevating the dark side….”

Another one of their dandies is titled, “Mashiach” which means Messiah.

The entire video is filmed at a train station, in a train, and walking down the streets of New York.

Although the “set” is rather simple, the video quality is excellent.

Most of all, the music is simply awesome – great rhythm and beat.

Published: February 8, 2018
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