Netanyahu Fires Back After Being Called a ‘Chickens**t’ By Obama Administration

America, Israel is not your enemy. Your people are our friends, your President, however, is not. Friends and families havefights. You may like your families friend or your friends family but fall out with those who maintain the relationship. That is what is happening between Israel and the USA at the moment. While American popular approval and support for Israel grows, governmental approval and support declines. It has culminated this week in a personal attack on Bibi by an unnamed White House official, and a threat to stop supporting Israel at the UN.

It is well known that Bibi supported Romney during the presidential campaign, afterall, the two have known each other since Bibi was Israeli ambassador to the UN. Given this it is no surprise that Obama and Bibi do not get on. During Obama’s time in office, more pressure has been put on Israel to make peace, at a risk to its own security, than ever before. The PA meanwhile, has been given virtually a free hand to make diplomatic moves against Israel.

These moves have culminated in the House of Commons of the UK parliament voting in a non-binding resolution to recognise “Palestine” as a country, and Sweden officially recognising it. While the UK andUS governments maintain their positions that these unilateral moves do not help peace, they do not seem to be helping Israel battle them. Futerhermore, the security of the State of Israel is being threatened by the Obama administrations’ attitudes and clear support for the so-called “occupied Palestinian territories”. This attitude pervades so deep within the US government that they have condemned Israel for building houses yet refuses to condemn the attempted murder of Jewish rights activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick by a convicted terrorist.

Given this, Obama seems to be making it harder for Israel supporters to vote for him. While many Israel supporters throughout the US already vote Republican, there are many, especially Jews who vote Democrat. How much difference his attitudes towards Israel will affect the outcome in the mid-terms and even the Presidential election of 2016 is debatable. What can be said, is some support from the Jewish community will be lost, enough to hurt but not enough to change the results.

In Israel, the love for all things US is very much alive, with the exception of the US administration. Many Israelis felt betrayed by Washington in the summer especially when reports that Obama himself blocked several weapons shipents. Is it possible for the Israeli public to trust a US administration again? Yes it is, but not with Obama and if, as suspected, Hilary Clinton runs for President and wins, probably not then either. In theory it could be 2024 before Israelis can truly trust the US government. As for Bibi? His relationship with Obama is almost beyond repair and their is probably no hope for Israel unless the Republicans gain control of both Houses.

So who do you really think is chickensh*t?

Published: October 29, 2014
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