One of the youngest holocaust survivors shares his story before it is too late

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow and Aaron S.

The real life story of Nat Shaffir, in this video, makes us cry.

Nat Shaffir survived the Holocaust. As a young child growing up in a town in Romania, a local Priest often came by and asked for donations for community members who were destitute, and Nat’s father, the dairy farmer, used to happily provide donations. Yet one day that same Priest came by, but this time, not only was he not asking for donations from the generous Shaffir family, he led the Nazis right to their door and handed them over to the Nazis.

The Nazis then took Nat and his family to a ghetto where they were stuffed into one small room, for the five of them, and then made them work in the local work camp, where many were killed.

Nat is one of the youngest Holocaust survivors still alive today. He was 6 years old during the holocaust, and today he is 81. He understands that time is not on “our side”, with each year, more and more holocaust survivors dying of old age, unable to help keep the memory of the Holocaust alive for future generations. As Holocaust denial is growing once again in the world around us, the eye-witness testimonials of the survivors has played a big part in Holocaust education, and in less than two decades few will be around anymore to tell their tales.

Nat understands how important Holocaust education is, and so he volunteers at the United States Holocaust Memorial in Washington DC, and teaches people, especially the younger generation, about the Holocaust.

Ultimately, Nat survived and made his way to the United States, where he worked and raised his family. Today he is very happy with a large family of children and grandchildren, all named after the relatives who were not as fortunate as he was to survive the Holocaust.

Published: January 28, 2018
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