Personal Story and the Absurdity of the Destruction of the Ulpana Community in Beit El

At age 15, Didi Dickstein’s parents, Yosef and Chana Dickstein, and his younger brother Shvu-el, were cruelly murdered. The nine surviving orphans, bereft of a home and stability, wandered around confused, living out of knapsacks, and looking for a nest. Years later Didi found love and he built a home in the Ulpana Neighborhood of Beit El, where he succeeded in finding stability and a bit of peace.
The Kalashnikov used by the Palestinian policeman to kill three members of his family was issued to the murderer by the State of Israel. At this moment, the State of Israel wants to destroy Didi’s home. Portions of his horrifying story are brought together in this film.
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Published: June 17, 2012
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