Piercing Testimony of an Auschwitz Survivor

Auschwitz – hell on earth – was created by the Nazis as the main hub of systematic killing of the Jews in the Holocaust.

This woman’s life was turned upside down on Sept. 1, 1939. The Nazis invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. From then on till June 1945, Polish Jews were largely murdered – by the millions.


Till 1944, she and hundreds of thousands were stuffed into impossible conditions of overcrowding and sickness.  More than 95% of the people who were forced into the Lodz ghetto were killed during the Holocaust.

In this heart wrenching testimony, Renee Salt explains that despite the fact that the Lodz ghetto was a work camp, it was a horrible place to be.  But that was just the beginning.


If you have never heard a testimony of what it was like to be taken into hell and see the angle of death – watch this.

Renee Salt went through everything – for 5+ years.  Being lucky meant working in horrible slave labor with almost no food, shaved heads and super-cold conditions.

They would sleep in tiny huts with around one thousand women – packed like sardines.   Roll call took place for hours.  People were killed mercilessly

The inhuman conditions were set up by the Nazis because they needed the slave labor to keep working on munitions for the war effort.  Many of the slaves were making bullets – many of which were used to kill more Jews.

The End of the Holocaust

Although the war was largely won by allied force in 1944, the Nazis continued to battle till the end.  Not only did they fight Russians to the east and US and British forces to the West.  They also kept killing Jews until the very end – forcing them on death marches for hours and hours.

Many Jews were wounded or killed during air raids from the Allied Forces in the waning months of the war.  But, most Jews said that the bombings were music to their ears.  They were happy to see any Germans get killed and know that the end was finally near.

The Holocaust finally ended by mid-1945 on all fronts.

These heroic stories of victims of the worst forms of anti-Semitism were victorious in their battle for survival.

Most did not merely survive, but they rebuilt.  Their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren carry on the torch.

Published: February 14, 2018
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