Pro Surfer Risks His Life To Save A Complete Stranger

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Back in mid-April, non-swimmer Maira Khan was posing for a photo on a large rock near the ocean, when a huge wave swept her out to sea. The California resident was struggling to stay afloat and was not sure that she would survive the ordeal. Fortunately for Maira, pro-surfer James Pribram happened to see what happened to her. The courageous Pribram risked his own safety and managed to fight the powerful waves to get to Ms. Khan and bring her back to shore, bloodied, but alive.

James Pribram handed Maira Khan over to the paramedics and without telling anyone his name, he just continued on his way. Thanks to an off-duty lifeguard who spilled the beans, Pribram’s identity was revealed to Ms. Khan and now to the world.

Published: October 16, 2013
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