Rare ‘Super Blood Moon’ Eclipse Over Israel

The moon plays a very special role in Judaism. The Jewish calendar is based on the lunar year and the Jewish People have been compared to the moon which is constantly renewing itself each month…
Combine that idea with this rare and beautiful eclipse of the moon and you may be able to read some incredible messages into this truly rare phenomenon. The “super blood moon” occurs when the moon is full and at its closest point to the earth. If this coincides with a full eclipse of the moon (where the sun, earth and moon are completely aligned) the moon will appear about 13% larger than usual and will turn a shade of red, hence the name “blood moon.”
There is something almost majestic about the moon as it is shaded by the earth and colored a reddish hue by the light of the sun as it passes through the earth’s atmosphere. The moon, which appears to constantly change its shape throughout the month, has now, to the human eye, changed its color as well.
Today, we better understand the celestial mechanics of what causes this change of color. Yet the actual phenomenon is spellbinding and perhaps carries a message for the inhabitants down here on Earth. What appears to us as reality, is in essence a mask, an illusion and not really what is actually there. The Jewish People have undergone many apparent changes throughout the thousands of years of their existence, yet the essence, the light and form have remained the same. At times, when things are masked and darkened it’s always good to remember that the substance and structure of the Nation of Israel remains steadfast and unchanging, waiting for the day when its light will shine upon the entire world.

Published: September 12, 2017
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