Russian scientists ‘discover NOAH’S FLOODWATER at bottom of deepest hole in the world’

This just goes to show that scientists have a lot to learn… The story of Noah’s Ark is very popular.

It is found towards the beginning of the book of Genesis.

In it, Noah built an ark to save his family from the floodwaters – as God warned him to.

The floods were a punishment to mankind who had sinned.

Afterwards, a rainbow marked a sign between God and man in order to show that the world would not be completely flooded again.

Noah was a righteous man and his descendants formed the nations on earth after the flood.

Early Biblical Longevity

Even Abraham is a descendant of Abraham – around 10 generations – and around 1,000 years later.

This may seem odd that in 1,000 years, there would only be 10 generations.

However, in early Biblical times, the average age of people’s lives was around 900 years.

Noah himself lived to be 950 years old.

By the time Abraham was born, longevity had declined significantly.

Abraham “only” lived to be 175 years old.

Isaac “only” lived to be 180 years old.

Jacob would live to be 147 years old.

Biblical discoveries in today’s day and age continue to prove the authenticity of the Bible.

However, it is a rarity to find out about discoveries that go so far back as to prove the authenticity of the Great flood and Noah’s ark.





Published: May 18, 2017
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