Save the life of a Holocaust Survivor

There are nearly 190,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel. Around one third of them live below the poverty line, and are generally in their eighties. Many of them suffer from multiple medical conditions requiring ongoing care and their volatile health can deteriorate suddenly at any given moment. MyMDband‘s medical emergency bracelet can be a life-saver for these survivors in times of emergency, immediately providing first responders and medical personnel with the crucial health information that can save their lives. Without this technology, unfortunately, the critical health information, such as medical conditions, allergies and medications taken, is not available, making it very difficult to treat them and putting their lives at risk.
In an effort to prevent Holocaust survivor’s medical conditions from deteriorating and requiring emergency medical care, medics visit their home 4 times a month to monitor blood pressure, sugar levels and medication compliance. Their up-to-date information will be input into their MyMDband profile, both for future visits and in case they ever require emergency care. As an added bonus, these friendly and caring visits often do more for their well-being than a tray full of medications.

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Published: June 25, 2015
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