Shocking footage emerges from lynch mob that nearly killed IDF soldiers who took a wrong turn

These unfortunate soldiers took a wrong turn right into an Arab-filled area that is not under Israeli-army control.
They almost paid for it with their lives when a lynch mob surrounded them.

This is not a new phenomenon in Israel.

Around 15 years ago, 2 Israeli soldiers made a fatal mistake.  They drove into Ramallah by mistake.

An Arab mob lynched them to death.  It was a horrible tragedy for the whole country.

In today’s day and age, Waze is the universal navigator.

In Israel, more than 90% of the drivers probably use Waze. 99% of the soldiers also use Waze.

The problem is that Israel is a very small country and it is very easy to fall into an area that is dangerous with Waze.

Most soldiers serve far from their homes and are unfamiliar with their area of service.

Therefore, a major discussion ensued in Israel concerning Waze.

Radio hosts and politicians both agreed that something must change.

The IDF and Waze must insure that IDF soldiers don’t get lost like this.


Published: February 13, 2018
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