Sinai Tor At Forest Music Fest

Sinai Tor is one of the leading musicians in what is called alternative Jewish music in the Land of Israel. Many of the young musicians today were first inspired by Tor.

He is not the kind of musician who jumps and puts on a choreographic performance on stage.  With Sinai Tor, it’s all about the soul. He often sits, eyes closed and plays the same chorus over and over in a trance-like manner. It is not rare for him to also close his eyes and make animal sounds as part of his vocal repertoire.

The best father in the world

One of his best songs celebrates his father as being the best father in the world. The message is simple, yet powerful. He contrasts between two styles of fathers – one who is super-tight and attempts to raise children in his own image.  Then he brings the alternative – the father who says to his child – go break a leg – learn on your own – and let’s his children live and learn.  Then, he surprises with his description of the best father in the world – a father who says to his child – take the lead.  The father who asks his child to take the lead and wherever you go, I’ll try to catch up.

He claims that a child who is raised by a father like this will end up respecting his father more than any other child.  Simple, but brilliant.

Published: January 31, 2011
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