Soccer with Heads of Decapitated Men – Can you Guess What Religion Permits This?


Note: The criminals whom you can see in this video are not ordinary Muslims, but Wahhabis – followers of Wahhabism. Wahhabism is an ultra-radical branch of Sunni Islam originated in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s a *rough* translation:
00:00 – “Why did I leave the Tehrek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP)?”

00:04 – “My name is Rasool Jan. I live in Bara Tehsil. In 2008, I joined the TTP.”

00:12 – “A few years ago, we attacked a post in Bara Tehsil.”

00:45 – “After the attack, we … for which we are well known.”

01:14 – “We cut off their heads and took them with us.”

01:28 – “Commander Jangraiz Tehrek-e Taliban Bara Tehsil.”

01:50 – “After this, we played football.”

Published: December 28, 2016
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