South African leader’s daughter SLAMS those who say Israel is an apartheid state

Esther Meshoe is the daughter of conservative South African parliamentarian Dr. Kenneth Meshoe.

Not only does she criticize those who say Israel is an apartheid state, she also slams those who know it isn’t yet won’t stand up for the truth.

When people claim Israel is an apartheid state, it’s insulting to South Africans and those have who actually faced apartheid. She says “it obviously minimizes the pain and the suffering that Africans and people who went through apartheid actually experienced.” Her own parents suffered through apartheid, and people want to claim that ISRAEL is an apartheid state? In South Africa during apartheid, a black person couldn’t even be treated in the same hospital as a white person. And in Israel, a Jew, black, and Arab can all be treated RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!

When asked what needs to be done in South Africa, she responds: “What needs to be done? What needs to be done is those who know the truth to speak up. It can’t just be the Meshoe’s and a few others. We need to speak up and tell the truth that Israel is not an apartheid state.”

Published: August 28, 2017
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