Stunning New Original Sheva Brachot!

The seven blessings recited under the chupah consist mainly of requests for God’s blessing for the newlywed couple.

As explained by, the benedictions cover many themes—the creation of the world and of humanity, the survival of the Jewish people and of Israel, the marriage, the couple’s happiness and the raising of the family.

The blessings place the state of marriage into a dynamic relationship with the beginning and end of history—the Garden of Eden and the expectation of the Messiah.

The first three blessings have nothing directly to say about the marriage itself, but they form the foundation of the nuptial benedictions that follow.

The last blessing is the climax of rejoicing, with the chanting of ten synonyms of joy that reach a crescendo in the praising of G‑d who rejoices the groom with the bride.

And of course a nice voice and good musical accompaniment always adds a bit more magic to the moment!


(By Aaron Holder)

Published: November 30, 2016
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