The day Arab citizens got up to applaud and hug Bibi Netanyahu

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

This video of Arab citizens of Israel applauding and hugging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is extremely telling. While the mass media tries to portray Israel as an “apartheid” country, where Arab/Muslim citizens are discriminated against, and worse, the reality of Israel is very, very different.

As Netanyahu says in this video:

“We are partners in taking care of all Israeli citizens. Working to ensure that Israel is safe, secure and unified for the benefit of all Israeli citizens. With G-d’s help and with our help”

I think it is very important to break down this simple statement to point out a number of facts about Israel that the world prefers to ignore.

1. While Israel is a Jewish country, there are plenty of minorities who are citizens with full equal rights! Yes, the Arabs/Muslims who live in Israel are full citizens with full rights; religous freedom, the right to vote and the right to have any job in Israel that they want to strive for. Israeli Arab/Muslims are doctors, lawyers, athletes, Supreme Court judges, Police Officers and even Parliamentarians in Israel’s Knesset. That is NOT apartheid!

2. Yes, even right wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu takes care of Israel’s minority population. Israel’s government under Netanyahu has done many steps to assist the minority population in Israel on a variety of fronts.

3. Netanyahu wants Israel to be a strong country to be able to protect all of her citizens, even it’s Arab/Muslim population! When Arab terror attacks hit Israel, Arab/Muslims are hurt and killed as well. When Hizbullah in Lebanon, or Hamas in Gaza shoot rockets at Israel, Arab/Muslims are also hurt and killed. Ensuring that Israel is a strong and secure country is what allows Israel to protect all of her citizens, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity etc.

The bottom line is that Israel is an oasis in the Muslim dominated Middle East. While Muslims are withheld freedoms in Muslim countries, they have all those freedoms living in the one Jewish country in the world, Israel!

Published: February 8, 2018
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