The Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy: Turning Deserts into Flourishing Agricultural Centers

David Ben-Gurion dreamed of the time when Israel’s vast desert would bloom.

Of course, the main challenge was the lack of sufficient water supply and the difficulty of turning arid land into vegetation.

The unique invention of the Netafim company’s famous Drip Irrigation pipes changed this.

The drippers are created in such a way that they have filters and sophisticated pressure controls so that around half of the regular water may be used to produce even more crops.

Israel is now a world leader of exporting produce.

This innovation is helping farmers across the whole world.

The motto – Grow More With Less – is a perfect example of what the entire State of Israel exemplifies – Doing More With Less.

Farming in the middle of the Negev Desert
Published: October 5, 2015
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