The Most Brilliant Advice You Will Ever Hear From a Rockstar

Gene Simmons (aka Chaim Witz) of KISS tells us why it’s so important to support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It’s hard to always agree with a the Israeli prime minister in a country as small and as controversial as Israel. But “Chaim” is right. Benjamin Netanyahu needs full Israeli support in the face of the hypocrisy and deception of the other countries of the world. Somehow we always think that our strong leaders will continue to be strong and it’s fine for us to attack him when his policies and decisions aren’t exactly our cup of tea.

Yet without the staunch support of Israeli citizens, it’s hard for Netanyahu to continue to stand strong and speak on behalf of Israel to America, the Palestinians and the world. It is important to back our leaders. We may not agree with them on every issue and we may protest and take to the streets at times. But we’re all they have. It seems we need to send more letters, more e-mails and show as much support as we can – for the things that we need our “strong” Israeli Prime Minister to do.

Published: September 14, 2014
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