The Most EXPLOSIVE Documentary About The UN Human Rights Council Ever Made!!!

Eleanor Roosevelt’s original idea to create a world body that would reaffirm the principle of human dignity and to guarantee fundamental freedoms for all has all but disappeared in today’s United Nations.

The Human Rights Council, meant to be a new, reformed version of the Human Rights Commission, has become nothing but a joke.

Its members include China, which denies its citizens freedom of speech, religion and assembly. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Congo, all serious abusers of human rights, are also members of the council.

In the ten years of its existence, the Council has adopted 67 resolutions against one country: Israel. This is six more than on the rest of the world combined.

When the UN acts so selectively, it fails to demonstrate a genuine concern for human rights.

The UN must continue to reform if it intends to fulfill Eleanor Roosevelt’s and Rene Cassin’s original dream.

Published: February 27, 2017
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