The most Powerful and Emotional 3 Minute Video on why Israel was Created!

Don’t forget to take out some tissues before watching this video. The people disembarking from this airplane in Tel Aviv are from all parts of the world, young and old, and they are COMING HOME to G-d’s promise land. They are coming to build a dream together. Apartheid state? No… This movie proves that it just isn’t so…
Watch the expressions on the faces of the people as they come down the stairs, many stepping on the ground of the Jewish homeland for the first time. See the faces of beautiful expectant children. The flowers and Israeli flags that are put in people’s hands make them smile, but the real excitment is that they have actually made it. They have returned to the land that the Jewish people could only dream about, through oppression, progroms, and horrors for centuries. “G-d kept His promise, G-d kept His plan, now we’re coming home to our own promised land.”

Published: January 17, 2015
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