The most powerful holocaust memorial you will ever experience

How impossible is it to memorialize the greatest human tragedy of our times – perhaps ever – the Holocaust. Here is one attempt via an amazing sculpture. The amazing short video must be shared and seen by all who are determined to NEVER FORGET!

By Kenneth Treister
No one can comprehend the number of six million or the fact that each of the six million was a person, with family, friends, and a full life… each enduring the most excruciating agony every second, minute, hour, and day, of the Holocaust. The immensity of this tragedy is infinite. To express it artistically, impossible … but I had to try.

I created the memorial as a large environmental sculpture … a series of outdoor spaces in which the visitor is led through a procession of visual, historical and emotional experiences with the hope that the totality of the visit will express, in some small way, the reality of the Holocaust.

NEVER SHALL WE FORGET. The totality of the Holocaust cannot be created in stone and bronze …but I had to try. The rich diversity of the European culture, now lost, cannot be expressed … but I had to try. The murder of one and one half million children whose joys turned to sorrow suddenly on September 1, 1939, when World War 11 broke out, cannot be sculpted…

But I had to try. Six million moments of death cannot be understood…

But we must all try.

Published: February 7, 2017
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