The most ridiculous CNN report I have EVER heard!

Does CNN report the truth?  Do they report the facts or try to create facts? Twisting facts is not journalism; it’s dishonest and untruthful. Lets analyze whether or not CNN truly reports fake news.

One of CNN’s journalists, Arwa Damon, covered a story about the city of Jaffa.  But, she simply did not state all the facts.  When she did indeed state facts, she completely twisted them in order to demonize Israel.


To start off, she didn’t even know what the Al Aqsa Mosque was, and she confused it with the Dome of the Rock. Is she really a senior international correspondent stationed in the Middle East?

She then went on to discuss how President Trump’s declaring of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is “driving a sharp knife into an already festering wound for ‘Palestinians.’  Did she really just use a phrase like that when the “Palestinians” have been carrying out a knife intifada for the last 2 years? They murder Israelis, and yes, they are paid by the “Palestinian” Authority.

Damon then portrays “Palestinians” as suffering while Israel thrives.  She fails to talk about the 1.6 million Israeli Arabs who are also thriving.  Why are Israeli Arabs thriving?  Because they chose NOT to murder Jews and chose NOT to try to destroy the Israeli government.

Three Missing Teens

Then she continues to state false facts and mislead the CNN audience. She interviews a woman who says that her son was killed in 2014 during a nighttime raid when Israeli soldiers were searching for 3 “missing” Israeli teens.

No, these teens were not MISSING; but KIDNAPPED! And killed. By Hamas. A terror organization.

But somehow, Arwa Damon failed to mention that.   What was this woman’s son doing when he was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers?  As Honest Reporting properly questions, “Was he in combat against Israeli soldiers? Or was he defending the kidnappers who later became murderers? Was he a member of Hamas or one of the other local terror organizations? We’ll never know, because Damon doesn’t tell us.”

Arwa Damon covered an entire news story using emotive language instead of being a professional journalist. She twisted the facts, covered up some of the facts, and ultimately doesn’t even KNOW the facts!

Published: February 15, 2018
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