The most riveting mini-documentary showing the events that led up to the 6 day war

A chronicle of hostile events, threats, and moves that spiraled into the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1967. In June 1967, Israel was isolated, blockaded, and ringed by armies intent on war. Israel chooses to strike first, with astonishing results….

The survival of the fledgling nation – just 19 years old – was facing yet another threat of extinction. Acting on false Soviet intelligence, the Egyptians threatened to attack Israel via mass armaments moving towards Israel’s borders in the Sinai.

The UN’s shocking non-involvement and quick run-away from Israel’s borders basically meant that war was inevitable.

Once the blockade of Israel began, a panicked Israel began operating frantic diplomatic missions.

But, Israel soon realized that they were alone.

No actions were taken. France refused to do anything except to express caution at Israel.

Basically, Israel’s noose that the Arab countries created forced Israel into an impossible situation wherein Israel had basically no option except for a swift attack.

This attack would change the Middle East forever and recharge World Jewry in ways that would leave the world a different place for the duration of world history.

Published: May 15, 2017
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