The new Israeli missile that looks and acts like a drone!

The RotemL is a valuable precision-guided missile that “loiters.” It can hover in the air for quite some time while allowing the military to observe and target from a distance. This type of munition is perfectly suited for urban combat in densely populated areas. The IDF doesn’t choose to fight terror in the midst of urban civilian settings. It is forced to do so.
In this unfair war-game, where terrorists hide behind civilians forcing Israeli soldiers to make difficult life-and-death decisions all the time, this new “loitering” missile can truly save lives. It will help balance the deadly and horrific game of urban warfare, and help Israeli soldiers protect themselves, Arab civilians and Israeli civilians. Who else would create something like this but Israel?

It is unprecedented developments such as the ROTEML that make the Israeli army so effective and so ethical.

Published: December 3, 2016
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