The part of Rosh Hashana that you never knew

Rosh Hashana is often looked at as the Day of Judgement. When we only focus on that, we miss the powerful holiness of the day.

This video goes through the message that many of us miss. The Bible actually calls it “Remembrance Day,” not “Judgement Day.” God is omniscient, so does He need to remember? No. But we do.

We use stories to remember things. And the way we remember things is not necessarily the way God remembers things. We sometimes focus on the wrong parts of the stories, and God knows the details that we overlooked. Our goal is to match up our story with the way God views our story.

As this video says, “On Rosh Hashana, we take the time to think about our stories. The pages that we write but as part of God’s story. How can we make them line up? We remember, and God remembers. We reflect on our own lives and ask ourselves ‘what’s my story? How did I spend this year? What am I going to adjust next year to bring my story more in line with God’s story?'”

With this view, we can hopefully become closer to God.

Published: September 19, 2017
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