The Prime Minister of Israel Has Called on Everyone to Spread This Message Far and Wide!

Netanyahu is stating what should be obvious, yet, somehow, to some, is not. When the obvious becomes vague and unclear, it’s time for people to speak out. Benjamin Netanyahu has committed himself to speak in Congress despite an overwhelmimg message from the white house that he is not welcome. Why would any diplomat purposefully act in defiance to a clear message from a allied country’s leader.
Perhaps because the message he brings is so important.

While Obama withholds the details concerning an agreement he intends to sign with Iran from Congress, Netanyahu is prepared, despite the outward hostility shown by a leader of a naion that owes Israel a great deal, to come to the U.S. and explain the ramifications of Obama’s “agreement” with the Iranians which will create an immediate threat not only to Israel and other moderate countries of the Persian Gulf, but to Europe and the entire world.

Netanyahu needs to know that he’s not alone. It’s time to stand up and make it clear that world opinion backs the courageous Israeli prime minister who is a true friend to the United States and all free, democratic countries.

Published: March 1, 2015
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