The Rabbi who nails Obama to the Wall after Obama’s speech on Orlando

If you can’t label a terrorist – a terrorist – because it will hurt the feelings of some, and you can’t label radical Islam as the ideology that we are at war with, then you’re not even in the ballgame when standing up against terror.

Our clueless President is so full of himself that he cannot find a reason to change his tune on what has been the largest failure of his Presidency – the funding and propping up of an international terrorist network – on his watch – throughout Europe and the Middle East. Now, we are feeling the ricochets and the offshoots with homegrown terror cells in North America.

There are no lone-wolf terrorists – they are all part of the Radical Islamic ideology that is unified by a dream of taking over the world.

We need strong leaders for the days ahead.

Published: June 21, 2016
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