Holy Moses! The Rain Is Coming Down in Israel. Check out This Flooding on the Roads!

Flooding in the Tel Aviv area

Rain and Hail in the Gush Etzion area

More flooding, OMG!!! The is happening in the areas of Israel in and around Tel Aviv. Cars and buses are driving in huge puddles, that are more like children’s pools! Check out that water level of flooding!

Just a few weeks ago, Jews across Israel were praying for rain, because we were experiencing the fifth consecutive winter with very little rain. This is an extremely dangerous situation for Israel, because Israel’s agriculture and natural parks and streams are dependent upon rain. With three consecutive winters of little rain, the streams in national parks were drying up, vegetation and trees are dying and the farmers are struggling to grow their crops.

The interesting thing in all of this is that regarding drinking water, Israel does NOT have a problem, because Israel invested in desalination. Israel is the world leader in desalinisation. Already back in 2017 60% of Israeli drinking water came from desalinisation, by far more than any other country in the world! Now Israel is helping other countries in the world develop desalinisation plants to help alleviate their drinking water problems.

Back to the recent drought….Just a few weeks ago, there were mass gatherings of prayer across the country praying for rain, because that’s what Jews do 🙂

The main prayer event took place at the Western Wall of the Jewish Temple Mount, it was spearheaded by Israel’s Minister of Agriculture, Uri Ariel.

Some secular Israelis were upset that there would be a state sponsored prayer session. In response to this backlash, the Minister of Agriculture responded to the critics by saying:

“It couldn’t hurt, and could help. I am someone who doesn’t rely on miracles and does everything I know as agriculture minister, together with the energy minister and finance minister, to find a solution to the water crisis,” he said in an interview with the Hebrew-language Ynet news site.

Published: January 25, 2018
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