The store that took on the boycott Israel movement and won!

The BDS movement is a purely anti-semitic attempt to boycott and then destroy Israel. But, it cleverly treats Israeli goods that are manufactured in Judea and Samaria as the issue at hand because people can be convinced that Judea and Samaria is really “Palestinian land.”

This is a lie wrapped up in another lie. There never has, nor will ever be such a thing as an Arab Palestinian nation nor Arab Palestinian land.
Jews and Arabs who lived in the areas of Pre-State Israel did live in an area called Palestine by the British occupiers. However, there was nobody at the time who claimed that there was such a thing as a Palestinian entity or a Palestinian person. There were simply Jews, Arabs, and British occupiers. That is the plain simple truth.

There are Arabs and there are Jews and there is a fight for the Land of Israel. The Arabs object to Israel’s return to the Land of Israel and created a fictional nation called Palestinians and claimed the Jews kicked the Palestinians out. This is a lie.

Arabs tried to drive the Jews into the sea in multiple wars but lost every war. Yes, some Arabs were driven out of their homes in the wars. That’s what happens when you try to annihilate the other side. This happened to lots of Germans and Japanese in World War II also. They deserved it. So did the Arabs. But, Arabs who are not looking to annihilate Israel can and have lived a peaceful life in the Land of Israel.

These Arabs should be strengthened. BDS should be fought against – they are on the wrong side of history.

Published: September 19, 2016
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