Samaria Vineyard – Day 1 – The Planting

We at Israel Video Network are planting, weeding, and nurturing the Samaria Vineyard!
5,000 brand new trees in the heart of Samaria, in the area of Biblical Shiloh!!

Exactly WHERE in the Shiloh area?
We needed to find the perfect spot, with the right amount of sun and rainfall but not too much wind.
Grapes grow wonderfully in elevated areas – which Shiloh is – but on which side of the mountain?

And then, we found it.
The absolute perfect location for our vineyard.
As if directed to that spot by the prophets themselves who served in Shiloh, we found the most incredible land with fertile soil and room for our 5,000 trees in Kochav HaShachar.

Join with the many hundreds who have already responded to our call, and plant at least one tree in this amazing Samaria Vineyard.
We are close to reaching our goal of 5,000 trees, and bringing this entire vineyard to life!

CLICK HERE to plant a tree in our… excuse me… YOUR vineyard.
Yes, this is YOURS!!

Plant Trees in Israel

Published: August 18, 2016
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