This Holocaust survival story will blow you away

Millions of people were killed in the Holocaust, including 6,000,000 Jews who were systematically murdered by the Nazis. Many of their stories are unknown to us.

Many of us often hear how the ‘Jews went like sheep to the slaughter’, because we just imagine that six million Jews could have fought back, or done something to resist, but we hear very few stories of resistance.

I believe we do a huge disservice to the Jews who lived during the time of the Nazis when we make such great generalizations like that. While it may be that a majority of the six million Jews felt and were actually helpless to do anything against the Nazis, there are plenty of stories of resistance from the holocaust. There were many Jews who joined the resistance fighters in the woods, there were stories of escapes, and attempted escapes, from camps, and there were tremendous amount of personal stories, with individuals acting in ways resisting the Nazis.

Unfortunately, many of those stories are unknown to us. This video is about one of those personal resistance stories that succeeded in being told.

Guta was a teenager, and met a young man who was looking for a tailor. That tailor happened to be Guta’s father, who made him a special suit with sections for hidden jewels. When the Nazis invaded, Guta was sent to a work camp and forced to dig her own grave. The teenager fought back against the Nazi officer, digging her fingernails into him. But the well-fed Nazi easily defeated the starved teen and shot her at point blank range in the head. Just then, an air raid began and everyone fled. Amazingly, the Nazi’s shot had only grazed her head and caused massive bleeding, but she survived!

Her story doesn’t end there. Make sure to watch the video to find out what happened to the young man with the special suit, and what happened to the Nazi after he found out she was still alive…

Published: January 28, 2018
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