The Jewish Nation Is God’s Nation

Two weeks after Sarah Tchiya Litman’s father and brother were brutally shot to death by Arab terrorists, she and her fiance Ariel Beigle, decided to continue with their plans to be married. The pain was overwhelming, but the strength of their unity and happiness in building a Jewish home together helped them understand that this is the story of the Jewish People.
And so they wrote a letter to the People of Israel:

“Let my enemies not rejoice over my sorrow, though I have fallen I shall get up.” (Micah 7:8) God willing, our wedding will take place next Thursday, the 14th of Kislev,the 26th of November at the Binyanei HaUma Convention Center in Jerusalem. The entire People of Israel is invited to rise up from the ashes with us, and rejoice together with us. Sarah Techiya and Ariel”

As people read the invitation, posted on numerous websites and in publications, they were deeply moved and arrived in the thousands from all over Israel to attend. There were those that flew in from the Diaspora to represent Jewish schools and organizations.

As one Australian student said at the wedding, ““You asked us what made us want to be at this wedding. I can tell you that for me it was the idea of a daughter of a family broken apart by terrorism getting married and building a new family of her own.”

Published: May 21, 2017
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