This is the way Jews truly stood up against Hitler

The Jewish people were systematically murdered and slaughtered in the Holocaust. Yet some managed to survive the

death camps (which killed millions). Yet others survived by the kindness of strangers who took them in. Some Jews

even fled to the forests and united with other Jews. Their unity helped them survive. They could find food

together. They could find shelter together. And there was even strength in numbers. Because some of these young

Jewish men and women who banded together made a pact that they would survive the Nazi onslaught. They took up

weapons to defend themselves. Where one person may have been afraid, there was safety in numbers. And in fact, some

of these young adults actually survived the Holocaust. They hid in forests, always on guard for Nazis or their

collaborators. But many more fared much worse. They were rounded up into cattle cars and taken to concentration

camps, a journey that took many days. There was no room at all, people were forced inside the crowded car and had

no room to move around. There was no rest stop to get food. There was no bathroom, only a bucket on the floor. A

few days later when the train arrived, many of the Jews were already dead. Those who survived were starved and

taken to the concentration camps, where they performed labor, barely got any food, exposed to typhus and other

diseases, and were forced to work until they died. Many were killed for no apparent reason. So these young Jewish

men and women who united and fled to the forests, actually had a chance at survival. That is not to say that it was

easy. It wasn’t. There was always the fear of getting caught. And the challenge of looking for food. And surviving

the winter. Yet some of them made it. And their descendants are alive today.

Published: February 13, 2018
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