This is why we need to educate the world about Israel!

The world as whole looks at the situation in the Middle East and sides with the “poor Arabs”. Look at the media, look at what’s going on on university campuses throughout the world – they all call for peace in the Middle East and a state of Palestine. And then you go and speak to people (or those who are willing to listen). People do not know about the history of the State of Israel, or the numerous times the Arabs have been offered generous peace deals but have refused them. They do not know about the great life many Arabs lead whilst living in Israel – having opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them.

What is very important though to point out is that we are not talking here about uneducated people. We are talking about well educated people, people in prominent positions throughout the world.

Israel has 2 wars that she is currently fighting. The physical war to keep itself safe and the war of the media. Israel has a big need to continue to strengthen it’s public relations – to get the true story of Israel out to the world and to educate them about what is really going on and how together we can reach a peace.

Published: May 17, 2017
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