This Israeli invention may indeed save your life!

1. Here’s an Israeli start-up that could save your life.
2. MyMDband can save everybody’s life, which is a transcendental humanitarian Biblical value.
3. MyMDband also offers these bands with no profit at all to Holocaust survivors.
4. MyMDband is now campaigning on Crowdmii to both save lives with their innovative product AND support Holocaust survivors.
5. THEY NEED YOUR HELP – The campaigns has to reach 100% in order to execute!
6. A small contribution will not only help another start-up in Israel succeed, but literally could save lives.
7. Your help is also a way of showing support for the “Start-Up Nation”, at a time when people call to boycott the one place in the Middle East which aspires to be a “Light Unto the Nations”.

Published: June 22, 2015
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