This Journalist Totally Gets President Trump

Journalist Melanie Phillips is very clear on President Trump. She does not allow his tweets, or the media frenzy, to distract her from reality. She is judging him by his actions, not by his tweets. Phillips also believes most of the American people are coming to realize that as well, as the reactions to his State of the Union address indicate.

While the mass media portray him and his tweets in a negative light, in addition to the constant barrage of attacks he receives from the Democrats, Phillips believes most of the American people see through that smokescreen and also are judging him by his actions, ones they approve of. Hence the strong support for his messages in the State of the Union address.

This transcript has been transcribed by Sarah Emily

I think the passage of time is producing that effect, that people are looking at what he (President Trump) does rather than what he says. People are obviously very put off by what he says, by his whole manner, his demeanor. He is reckless, and in many ways, reprehensible, his demeanor and his past behavior one can say is also very much open to question.

But in all fairness, and if one’s having a sort of balanced view of the world, one should surely look at what the person actually does. What he’s done is to govern in his first year very much like, and this is not, I mean, I’m not the first person to say this at all, but it’s very much like what one would’ve expected of a traditionally-minded, conservative politician. He is looking after American jobs, no longer being a pushover in the world by bad people and restoring the rule of law to immigration.

These are just, you know, box standard conservative positions, and in addition to that, he’s producing he’s produced, a tremendous, or he’s presided over, a tremendous upsurge in jobs. He also produces a great sort of feel good factor, about, you know, American prosperity, talks up American prosperity. He’s a tremendous salesman for America, that’s what he sells in the world, he sells America, and people like that in America.

Actions or Words

So they’re (many Americans) looking at all that and they’re thinking, “well what’s not to like?” And they’re not listening to him going, you know, off the deep end on Twitter, they sort of, they, they can’t bear it. And these two things are going hand-in-hand.

But ultimately it’s going to be about, I think, what he does, because voters are hard-headed, you know, they’re going to drown out the noise which drives so many people completely crazy of his Twitter feed and all the rest of it, and they’re just going to look at what he’s actually doing and what he’s actually done, and if the verdict is going to be favorable then we’re going to see a favorable verdict of him.

Published: February 14, 2018
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