This Pastor Stood Up In Front of a Crowd and Obliterated Every BDS Supporter

At a Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, Pastor Victor Styrsky makes a brilliant comparison between the Nazis and the EU BDS movement. The Nazis blamed the Jews for Kristallnacht, forced the Jews to take responsibility for it happening, forced the Jews to clean up the havoc, and pay for it. The EU, BDS and others are blaming Israel for the ongoing Muslim terror, blaming Israel for the killing and injuring of hundreds of innocent Israeli victims, and are now forcing Israel to pay for it by boycotting Israeli Judea and Samaria products. It’s fascinating to make the historical comparisons between then and now. It’s horrifying that so few have been able or would like to see the connection.

Pastor Styrsky should be lauded for his words, and broadcast throughout the world, until people start to absorb and act upon his knowledgeable ideas.

Published: February 20, 2017
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