This Year’s Chanukah Song That Is Musically Light Years Ahead Of The Others

David Ross, composer and performer is the creator of the acapella group and band “Shir Soul” (Song of the Soul) that performs this song “Lift Yourself Up Higher”, by Michael Harpaz, in this heartfelt clip.
This is not officially a Chanukah song. But in an act of inspiration, Ross set the clip in a home on Chanukah with the candles burning. Chanukah is the heart and spirit of the Jewish family and is one of the holidays that is almost completely commemorated in the home. Chanukah is meant to inspire Jewish families and the Jewish people to light the lights and lift themselves up higher as they create a warm and loving Jewish home together.
The last stanza of the song proclaims:

Like the stars that light the sky
And the sand that salts the sea
Feel your strength get multiplied
Let the history in you set us free

Every individual has a private history that blends with the history of the Jewish People and brings freedom and beauty to the entire world. Amen.

Published: December 10, 2016
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