Top 10 Reasons Why Every LIBERAL Should Support Israel!!!

Join Alexandra Marcus for an examination of what makes sense to support and what does not. Alexandra is someone who believes in making the world a better place for everyone. Today, it’s hard to know what that means. And no one is working too hard on examining the facts.

North American college campuses are becoming more and more hostile towards Israel and Jewish students says a new study conducted among Jewish college students in 2015. Jewish students are blamed and told that Israel acts like Nazis towards the Palestinians and other such hate statements. Jewish students are attacked physically and verbally.

In order to keep others informed, we need to know the facts. Alexandra Marcus is doing just that. We need to keep educating the US college campuses and the world about the incredible things that Israel is doing for the humanity and the world.
We may not get another chance.

Published: November 8, 2015
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