Trump’s Campaign Chief Discusses Dishonest Reporting On CNN; Surprises Host

Trump's Campaign Chief Destroys CNN Anchor

You thought Donald Trump was tough on the media? Donald Trump's Campaign Chief Katrina Pierson absolutely destroys a CNN anchor, making him trip over his words and look like a fool. She came loaded with facts and the CNN anchor couldn't dispute them.Like our page for more ->

Posted by Ron Dwyer on Monday, December 7, 2015

The media is constantly misleading in its reporting dealing with Israel as it has been misleading in its reporting dealing with many issues that do not go along with the talking points of today’s media and political elite. The bottom line is that Trump’s spokesperson has it exactly right, and she even gets the CNN anchor to agree with her about the problem. It’s pretty simple, many of the media elite don’t care enough about the facts, or check and double check the facts before reporting, they just report according to their ideological line. Will the press return to being neutral with reliable fact checking, or has that time period passed, replacing it with ideologically bent media outlets?

Published: January 25, 2017
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