Unbelievable history in Amona!!!! Like Seriously UNBELIEVABLE!!!

There is NO reason for Jews to be expelled from homes here, NONE!!!

Whatever you can do to help, help! We can’t remain silent while another Jewish community is destroyed because of a politically tainted “legal” measure!!! The Supreme Court legalizes thousands of illegally built Arab & Bedouin homes, but when it comes to questionable legalities with Jewish homes in Judea & Samaria, then the only solution is destruction & expulsion! This is horrible and unjust! For the full facts about this click here for a video and click here for an article.

If all you can do is donate to help these families, then do that!!! They need all the financial help they can get! Click here to donate: https://www.razoo.com/us/story/Helpsaveamona

As journalist Judith Bergman wrote on her facebook wall today:
There is barely a nation more connected to its land than Israel. There is barely a nation that is LESS of an occupier than Israel. In contrast, huge parts of the world consist of European landgrabs, such as the Americas, Australia, South Africa etc, founded in blood and greed. Sorry but there ain’t two ways about that. Yet these descendants of land grabbers have preached to us Jews for decades, until our ears fell off. Yet we are so polite to these shameless descendants of the great land robbers and colonizers, listening to their mind numbing speeches, going to their pathetic conferences and buying into their fake narratives. Time to ask tough questions: If we are ‘occupiers’ what does that make them? And where does it leave them?

Published: February 2, 2017
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