UNSETTLED – Documentary on the Disengagement from Gaza

When Israel decided to forcibly remove its citizens from Gaza in 2005 in what became known as “The Disengagement”, the world took notice, but failed to fully acknowledge the tremendous sacrifice Israel made for peace.

The US forced Israel to leave the Philadelphi Corridor, a narrow strip of land between Gaza and Egypt, and which would have allowed Israel to prevent terrorist elements and weapons from entering Gaza. That move allowed Hamas to transfer huge amounts of weapons and rockets into Gaza.

Instead of creating a “Middle Eastern Singapore” in Gaza, Hamas took over and attacked Israel with tens of thousands of rockets.

Today, the world has all but forgotten about The Disengagement and continues to blame Israel for the plight of Palestinians living in Gaza.

Fortunately for Israel, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has taken charge and is leading the fight to defend Israel, especially when it comes to recognizing that Hamas – not Israel – is responsible for the dire situation in Gaza.


Published: August 11, 2016
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