What Archaeologists Have Discovered In Jerusalem Will Blow Your Mind

The ancient city of Jerusalem is an endless source of significant archeological discoveries. The city has been a central hub of activity for over 3000 years. The ingenious drainage tunnel system, discovered inadvertently while uncovering the major road of ancient Jerusalem, was more than just another discovery. Aside from the far-reaching implications of the tunnel system in explaining historical events, many small articles that fell onto the major road above, fell through the drains on the road and into the tunnel system below. Archeologists discovered a bounty of small items which give greater understanding to lives and life stories from thousands of years ago.
The continuous activity and the centrality of the city of Jerusalem for thousands of years has made it one of the most profuse archeological sites in the world. The treasures have lain hidden, waiting for the Jewish People to discover them and add them to the chronicles of Jewish history.

Published: May 17, 2015
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