What’s the Story with Amona?

Watch this to understand the facts behind Amona!

To all those who asked about how to support the families of Amona, we came up with a solution together with them – click here to donate and receive wine produced by the award winning boutique winery in Amona!

The families of Amona are in the headlines today, but as soon as they are evacuated, when they will need our attention the most, they will no longer be in the headlines.

They need our love and support. That is why we believe the best way to show them support is not just to donate, but in return to support their businesses. The award winning Amona winery is a great place to start!

So please open your heart, and your pocket, and support the families of Amona. They have led a long struggle, and it is not over yet

Published: December 15, 2016
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