When a ‘Palestinian’ father did this to his child, the IDF knew just how to respond

If you could do to your children what this father did to his child, then you should עet some help – fast.

Protests are a positive form of expressing disagreement. However, there are red lines in every protest.

Some serious social workers need to be brought in to help with parents who will have no qualms at using their 3 year old children as part of a political protest despite all of the confusion it will cause in the child’s mind.

Of course, anti-Israel proponents will continue with the lies that Israel is taking Arab Land, etc…, and that anything goes when fighting conquerors, etc…

This is flat-out wrong.

Those who shield their missile shooting “freedom fighters” with babies and children are terrorists deciding to kill these children.

War is terrible. Keep the children out of harm’s way.

Published: January 19, 2017
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